Keto Snack Box

Thanks for trying our healthy selection of Keto friendly snacks! On this page you can find links to larger packs of each snack in our box as well as exclusive discounts on some products. Stock up on your favorites! 

20 count Keto snack box

Our most popular 20 count Keto snack box, find your new favorite low carb snacks!

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40 count Keto snack box

Get more of all your favorite snacks with our 40 count Keto snack box, buy in bulk for an exceptional value.

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Yum Keto Bars

These low carb cocoa bars are perfect for helping you maintain your low carb, high fat Keto diet and staying within your macros. We can't keep enough of them in the office!

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Cello Whisps

An airy, crispy, crunchy, and tasty snack made solely from one ingredient: 100% cheese. Enjoy them in a salad, a soup, or by the handful straight out of the bag!

4505 Chili and Salt Pork Rinds

The Classic Chili & Salt chicharrones are simply seasoned with a blend of three chilis, and sea salt. 

Mission Meats Jerky

The ultimate sample pack! 3 Tasty Original Grass Fed Beef Sticks, 3 Blazin Pepper Grass Fed Beef Sticks, 3 Scrumptious Free Range Turkey Sticks and 3 Tasty Original Grass Fed Beef Bars!

Just The Cheese Bars

One of our favorites, these cheese bars eat like a candy bar with zero carbs! box, buy in bulk for an exceptional value.

Raw Rev Glo Bars

A protein-packed bar with creamy texture and hints of sea salt that creates an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Sea Salt Macadamia Nuts

Perfectly roasted macadamia nuts with a dash of sea salt. Their rich, buttery taste is sure to satisfy.

Cracked Pepper Macadamia Nuts

Even better than the original sea salt macadamia nuts, these have just a touch of black pepper that takes the delicious flavor to another level!

Nuttzo Peanut Pro

A smooth delicious blend of 7 nuts and seeds: peanuts, cashews, almonds, flax seeds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds

Nuttzo Power Fuel

NuttZo is a medley of seven organic nuts and seeds:  organic roasted cashews, organic roasted almonds, organic roasted brazil nuts, organic roasted flax seeds, organic roasted hazelnuts, organic roasted chia seeds, organic roasted pumpkin seeds, Celtic Sea Salt.

David's Pumpkin Seeds

Tasty and crunchy with a fresh-roasted flavor, David Seeds Pumpkin Seeds are all-natural deliciousness.

Blue Diamond Almonds

Whole Natural Blue Diamond Almonds are the best way to appreciate the natural flavor of the almond.